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Smartphone Websites

10% of all web browsing is now done on a mobile device and probably an even higher percentage for browsers planning their next dining experience

This already big number is set to continue growing.

Mobile vs Desktop usage

Global Mobile vs. Desktop Internet User Projection, 2007 – 2015E (Source: Microsoft)

Engaging effectively with smart phone users can mean the difference between securing a booking or losing it to a website that welcomes smart phone users with a dedicated experience. Browsers may be looking for somewhere to eat on the spur of the moment, checking out the menus of places nearby or looking for directions. Smart phone sites offer a quick loading, mobile specific website that gives them what their looking for in a format that works effortlessly on a small screen.

As part of our portfolio, Board&Lodgings design and develop websites specifically built for mobile platforms. Websites that compliment your existing website and improve the user experience of your existing and potential customers. Smart phone sites load automatically when a phone visits your normal web address so desktop based browsers and phone users always get the ideal experience.

Why develop a website specifically for mobiles?

If you’re using you’re phone to browse the internet it’ because you’re not in-front of your computer. At best, a smartphone screen is 1/10th that of a laptop. You wouldn’t print your menu on a business card so why do the same with your website?

Mobile specific websites from Board&Lodgings. Fast, concise, useful and essential.

Loves Restaurant Smartphone Website

Platform specific designs allow users to get to the information they need quickly when on-the-move. Visitors don’t want or need the same immersive experience as your full website – give them what they need: offers, menus, maps and opening times.

iPhone & iPad Apps

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