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Web, SEO and PPC

Websites that are easily found and well marketed


Your online “shop window” is one of the most important marketing assets you have. Good design and structure are essential to communicate with visitors elegantly and effectively.

Every restaurant has a personality and bringing this to life through a web page viewed though a desktop computer, laptop, phone or tablet is our strength. We also understand browsers visit your site for many different reasons. “What kind of dining experience can I expect?” “Where are you?” “What’s on the lunch menu today?” And so on. Making each visitor feel immediately at home with easy access to what they seek is an inherent part of Board&Lodings approach to web design.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Put simply, search engine optimisation (or SEO as it’s commonly referred to) is the process of improving your website’s visibility to search engines such as Google – “I want my restaurant to be top of the page on page one!”


Search engines, not surprisingly, want to send their users to relevant places using the words in the search phrase typed in and (increasingly) the locations and browsing/search history of the user.

“Fine dining restaurant Leicester” is a typical search phrase (well, if you’re in Leicester and after some posh nosh…). If your restaurant is in Leicester and offers fine dining and these phrases appear within your site then the search engines should serve you up in position 1 – right? In an ideal world (your ideal world!) the answer is yes, however the inconvenience of the rest of the market means that work is needed to make your site worthy of recommendation by a search engine.

By selecting and refining keywords and phrases that relate to your business’s products and services and including them in copy, coding and other aspects of a sites structure, SEO (search engine optimisation) aims to improve your website’s rankings for the best search phrases.

Sitting alongside keywords are a host of other parameters, all of which are used to “rank” your site. Board&Lodgings understands the mechanisms that drive ranking positions and is able to offer an SEO service to support realistic ranking objectives.

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PPC – Pay per click

As Google becomes ever more sophisticated in the way it serves up the results for searches, paid search or “pay per click” is a powerful tool for gaining exposure and visitors to your website.


Helping browsers locate your restaurant website is one thing – “search on Wild Honey Restaurant Mayfair” but making your website visible to more general searches is where paid search really delivers – “search on Pre-theatre dining London”.


By setting up adverts that are triggered by a defined list of search phrases or words, you can increase your profile with a wider group of potential diners. “Pre-Theatre Dining” “Covent Garden Restaurant” “Fine Dining Birmingham” “Prix Fixe Lunch Mayfair” are all examples of searches that are winning traffic and bookings as a result…

Integrating paid search with Search Engine Optimisation is all part of the Board&Lodgings service – for ideas on your paid search strategy, talk to Simon at Board&Lodgings on
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